Friday, June 29, 2012

Fawick Park Controversy

The other day Ms. Solitaire mentioned our outing to Fawick Park and reminded me of these photos. Tomorrow is her birthday and since I can not be there to help her celebrate I would like to share this as a sort of toast to my dear friend. I hope you enjoy these photos taken last June. 
View of down town from center of Fawick Park

Fawick Park sits on the edge of the Big Sioux River in down town. Although small the park has become home to a number of fun events especially throughout the summer months. Moonlit movies, Big Band and Jazz concerts are just a few of the event to be enjoyed at Fawick park. 
View of the Big Sioux River from the edge of Fawick Park

This park however was at the center of a great art controversy for a number of years. The cause of the controversy, a full size replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David. Donated by inventor Thomas Fawick to the city of Sioux Falls and Augstana College the statue was placed in Fawick park. Click here to learn more of this controversy. If you happen to be in Sioux Falls I just discovered that there is an exhibit of the first car invented by Thomas Fawick at the Old Court House Museum. Check out their Facebook page here for more info.

View of the 10th St overpass from the edge of the park along the Big Sioux River
Many felt that although this statue is a magnificent piece of artwork it did not belong in a public park near one of the busiest streets connecting down town to the east side of the city. The statue was actually removed for three years while the park was undergoing a needed clean up and renovation and many did not want it to return to the park but placed in a less conspicuous place. After much debate the statue was finally returned to Fawick park in 2000 where it still stands today.
My dear friend enjoying a lovely afternoon at Fawick Park
 Since this blog must abide by blogger TOS I have censored the next few photos.

 The size of this fabulous replica is staggering as you can see in this last photo.
I personally am not offended by the statue but understand that it does cause discomfort to some. What do you think?


TexWisGirl said...

i am certain it can cause concern / questions for parents w/ small children, but i'm not offended easily.

Ms. Solitaire said...

Was that a whole year ago? I have to state that David has always been a favorite part of my routine and I enjoy his beauty quite often on my lunch break. Something about him makes me hungry....;)
Love for you, Nita for reminding me of a wonderful day and of the general beauty in life.

Jack said...

You are SUCH a chicken! Boston was always famous for censorship. I was not aware it had spread to the heartland.

Al said...

I think there's a big disconnect in this country, where we view violence daily on the news and in movies (often very explicit and strong violence). And yet something natural like this causes concern and discomfort.

That's bigger than I remember the original statue being. Nice shots!

Laloofah said...

This post brought back a memory that made me LOL. Several years ago, I house-sat for our elderly neighbors - Larry, a retired attorney, and Alberta, a retired Perdue English professor - while they vacationed in Portugal and Italy. As a thank you, they presented me with some souvenirs from their trip, one of which was a lovely 6" tall replica statue of Michelangelo's David, which they had gone to see in person. As Larry was singing the artistic praises of the original, he said to me in his booming courtroom lawyer voice while pointing at the small replica I held in my hand, "And he's COMPLETELY PROPORTIONAL!" LOL! What could I say but, "Yes, I can see that!" :-) So after that, nah - I'm not phased by seeing our proportional friend in the buff, no matter where he may be found. :-)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Lovely photos ~ looks like a very pretty location ~ as for David ~ Bravo! Glad it is in the park ~ It is Art and the human body in all its beauty ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)