Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Founded in 1993, B & G Milkyway has been an essential part of the Sioux Falls summer.  It's old style little cabin type appearance, faded picnic tables and excellent ice cream have made it a hometown favorite.  Whether it's a hot dog you're craving, cheese curds-you naughty one, or an avalanche with almost every type of candy selection imaginable; you will ease your cravings here.
Local teens in festive tie dyed B & G shirts wait on you with a smile and everyone's happy.  Who wouldn't be with ice cream so thick and creamy it bends their plastic spoons?

After a long day at a sports activity, you'll often find uniformed kids there having a treat.  But it's not unusual to see 60 year old people beside 6 year old kids that have the same expression of first anticipation, then satisfaction.  Summer in Sioux Falls...where would we be without B & G?


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a great hometown place. and cheese curds? i'm there! :)

Nita Davis said...

Ms. Solitaire I sure hope you had a cone for me. :D
I love B&G

Ms. Solitaire said...

George had your cone, I'm an avalanche girl myself. And TexWisGirl, stop by anytime. :) We'll save the cheese curds.