Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hometown Walk  

Sioux Falls was hot and steamy on Saturday, but we decided to take a walk anyway.  We were tired of air conditioning and needed to stretch our legs.  We needed to see the views that only our downtown could provide.  This is the garden entrance to the Washington Pavillion.  It is now a haven for artists and musicians, but it was once a high school.  An old friend that attended school there told me that they've really improved the place significantly.

Up the street is this archaic Lutheran church that's architecture and surrounding shrubbery make it a charming place for weddings.  Many is the time I have seen a blushing bride and proud bridegroom on the steps at this entrance.  Today, it was quiet and peaceful.

The YMCA was busy with people enjoying the activities indoors on such a hot day.  But as you can see the sun on the trees made it a lovely day outdoors, as well.

We ended our steamy walk with a slushy, but I couldn't help but pick this shot of the stone monument on the corner of 14th and Minnesota.  They've expanded it and it almost looks like a stone garden.  It would be peaceful, were it not located on such a busy corner.  But I enjoyed it almost as much as my slushy!

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EG CameraGirl said...

It looks very sunny and hot in these photos, although it may because you said the temperature was steamy and I am impressionable. :)) It's nice to see the old school has been repurposed.