Sunday, June 10, 2012

Places of beauty are filled with a variety of memories.  Both good and bad.  In Sioux Falls, the whole city was named for its picturesque waterfalls.  These are photos of a bittersweet goodbye, for now, with this blog's author, Anita Davis and her beautiful daughter, Melissa.

Miss Nita is the one that sees the photo frame in the smallest detail.  She inspired me to go out and find local adventure wherever we could.  We'd follow her red hair and wonder whether it would be cupcakes, photo shots in front of a nude David, or window shopping for things we could never possibly afford.

Today's adventure was at the Falls.    The Falls were beautiful that day.  We stayed at the upper deck, getting completely drenched and loving every minute of it.

Another of Anita's great accomplishments are four amazing kids.  One of whom is pictured below.  Miss Melissa is independent, realistic, and yet optimistic.  How does she do it?  I will never know.  Oh, and above all, she is a fashion queen.

My favorite time was being the amatuer french photographer at a modelling show, screaming loudly, "Love the Buffalo, be the Buffalo!  And as you can see below, she truly was a great object of art that day.

Bittersweet, holds a twinge of love and promise.  We are still friends and we communicate almost daily.  I know right now she'll probably want to hit me when she sees this, yet it was sweet of her to give me this opportunity to develop of photographic eye. 

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