Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Sights

Pulling from my archives I would like to share some of the summer things around Sioux Falls that I have been missing since moving to Virginia. 
 Driving a short five minutes to photograph open pasture lands and beautiful horses.
 Spending a quiet afternoon at Arrowhead park.
Wild daisy's and long photo walks along the Big Sioux River.
Last but not least beautiful sunsets undisturbed by the city skyline.
To all my friends and family in Sioux Falls; I miss you all.

Open Invite: If you have a photo of the Sioux Falls area you would like shared here please email me with the photo and any description you would like included with the photo. Be sure to include your name so I can properly credit you.


TexWisGirl said...

what a beautiful set of photos...

Kathryn said...

Beautiful photos, I missed things from Connecticut when we moved to Virginia . . . especially the ocean.

Jack said...

Um, you moved to Virginia? Going to make it tricky having a Sioux Falls blog, isn't it?

Nita Davis said...

TexWis, Kathrynn, and Jack thanks for your comments.
Yes it will be tricky Jack but I hope to keep it going with one to three posts a week using guest photos and ones from my archives.