Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday In My City: Shopping

Like in most cities our shopping centers draw a lot of traffic on the weekend. Deciding it was time to step outside my comfort zone and try to photograph something a bit different, my daughter and I headed to one of the smaller shopping centers. As soon as we got parked I was drawn to the multicolored umbrella's on Champs' patio. There were only a few patrons that braved the heat of the day to have their lunch on the patio.

 After snapping the first shot I decided I wanted to get some from a different angle and of course that meant crawling in the bushes. Needless to say my daughter was pleading with me to hurry up and get my shot and get out of the bushes because I looked like some sort of peeper. So I quickly took this last shot although I didn't get the focus the way I wanted it.
With those taken we headed to Scheel's. Alright I know I said that this time I was going to look for things outside my usual style but how could I resist Abraham Lincoln!
After snapping a few shots of Lincoln including this one
it was time to get back to looking for other things to photograph. Once inside Sheels' I was immediately drawn to these vivid colored umbrellas.
 Ok, so maybe that isn't far enough outside my norm even if it is an indoor shot. So I turned my camera to the interior displays and shoppers. 
After taking a few shots from below we hopped on the escalator and took a few from above.
Ooops, I know this wasn't suppose to be a nature shoot but hey they were just calling to me!
 Maybe this is better??? Although I really am not sure about any of these, as they are definitely not something I would usually think to photograph.
We were on our way out when a display caught my eye as perfect for my weekend reflection shot. 
If you like reflection shots it can be seen here.
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texwisgirl said...

i'm not one to gravitate to city scenes or shopping either.

Unknown Mami said...

I love the colorful umbrellas and I'm glad your got a shot of Lincoln. I mean how could you pass up Abe?

Belly B said...

I love the statue of Abe Lincoln!

<3 Belly B

Keetha Broyles said...

Looks like I'd really enjoy a Sioux Falls visit!