Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ever Changing Skies

There is a saying in the Midwest that if you don't like the weather stick around it is sure to change in a few minutes. That is definitely the case here in Sioux Falls. The rapidly changing weather that passes through creates breathtaking photo opportunities for people like me that just have a thing for stormy sky photography. Just yesterday we had a storm pass through so quickly I almost wasn't able to get my camera and car keys fast enough.

When I left my house the roads were dry and the clouds ominous. By the time I had gone ten blocks the roads were soaked as if it had just stopped raining. Another ten or so blocks and I decided I better pull over and snap a few shots before the terrific cloud formation had sailed away on the wind.

The clouds were moving so fast I knew I had already missed the shot I was hoping for, but hopped back in the car and headed for the observation tower at Falls Park to see if just maybe I still had a chance at some awesome cloud formation shots.

Although it was only about a mile away, by the time I got to the tower the clouds had moved off to the north east of the falls so I wasn't able to get the exact shot I was hopping for. Even so I am very happy with the shots I did get.

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texwisgirl said...

i love the 2nd one with the clouds looming down the street. :)