Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mc Kennan Park: Part 1

The Four Pillars, photo taken in the Fall of 2002

Boasting 20 acres of tranquil beauty in the heart of Sioux Falls is Mc Kennan Park. Nestled in this lush park setting are horse shoe pits; picnic tables; tennis courts; flower gardens a wading pool and even an outdoor theater.
While running a ton of last minute errands on Tuesday in preparation for my trip Wednesday morning I drove past this fabulous park and decided the rest of my errands could wait. With so much hectic activity a peaceful walk in the park was just what I needed.
The outdoor theater  is home to many different types of performances during the summer months. Free stage productions, musical performances and even movies are shown at the theater. The theater sits on the southern end of the park among rolling green lawns with paths that wind through the shade of the beautiful trees.

Near the center of the park just beyond the wading pool the paths wind through artfully styled flower gardens. In addition to the many picnic tables that can be found throughout the park there are many places such as this where a person can sit in the shade of the trees and soak up the soothing aura of the park.
To the west of the main flower gardens sits this intimate sunken courtyard. Just beyond the small rock wall you see at the back of this photo sits a smaller courtyard with several benches surrounded by bright cheerful flowers. By mid July the center piece of this courtyard will be overflowing with brightly colored flowers.
This miniature bronze replica of the Statue of Liberty stands at the head of the steps overlooking the sunken courtyard. Another beautiful shot of this statue can be seen here.
To end this mini tour of Mc Kennan park we go back to the southwest corner of the park not far from the outdoor theater. Where this statue titled 'The Potato Man' can be seen. I call this a mini tour as there really is so much more to see. Throughout the park you will find plaques and statues all paying tribute to different historical people or groups. 'The Potato Man' stands vigil over engraved cobble stones honoring Sioux Falls early Irish immigrants. If you click on the photo below you will be able to view some of the inscriptions on the stones.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini tour as much as I enjoyed stopping to relax and take these photographs.

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