Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Roadside Assistance To The Rescue

I headed out this morning with the intention of capturing some new Sioux Falls photos for the blog and some to use this coming Sunday in Scavenger Hunt Sundays. My van had ideas of it's own.
1st gratitude: I was not on the interstate. I pulled into a parking lot and discovered that I couldn't get the doughnut spare out of it's cradle. 2nd gratitude: I have roadside assistance.
Two hours later my savior arrived.
Things went down hill even more after he got the tire off. It wasn't just flat but had worn uneven and the inner sidewall was separating from the tread. As soon as I saw it I knew this was going to be more than just a new tire. As it turns out the mechanic at the tire shop confirmed my worst suspicion. I had been telling my husband and son since February that I thought there was something wrong with the front end, but they took it for a spin and said it was fine. I should have trusted my instincts, the front end is in bad shape. They gave me an estimate and sent me home with an appointment to repair the van tomorrow. It will take all day, they have to replace bearings and ball joints on both sides of the front end. So it looks like if I take any photos tomorrow they will be taken within walking distance of my home. 3rd gratitude: Thank God the front end didn't go completely out when I drove to Virginia last March.
I hope you are all having a smoother week than I am.


TexWisGirl said...

i had truck issues earlier this week - died just after i exited the interstate on the way to the dealership to get it checked out - got it jumped (twice) and made it to their service bay! thank god i was not on the freeway!!!

so i'm grateful for your safety, even though the replacement won't be fun...

Isabella Pospisil said...

How's your van right now? I'm sure the broken tire and the affected parts have been replaced. Cost is not a matter in this case since it is your safety that is at stake. By the way, to keep that from happening again, always check the tire pressure with an inflation gauge to see if it’s well-inflated.