Monday, September 12, 2011

A Bit of Skateboarding Fun

I can remember when Sioux Falls opened it's first skate park on the west side of town. My oldest son was so excited to finally have a place to really practice his MOVES! I really enjoyed watching him skate.

Memory Photo by
He grew up and his interests went elsewhere, that tends to happen when you marry and have children. I no longer get to watch him skate but I do occasionally enjoy going to watch the neighborhood kids with their skateboards and bmx bikes.

These guys were having a grand time and were all for getting their photos taken while they preformed their tricks. They probably just wanted to humor the old lady with a camera.

One of the boards decided it needed to be the center of attention and took off to do a few tricks on it's own.
I hope you have enjoyed my Monday fun day post, and have a fun week.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You captured at least one skateboarder in mid-air. That looks like a fun park and is probably quite busy when the kids are not in school.

Although you are not watching your son skate, you will probably have another generation to look forward to.


Nita Davis said...

That is very true Genie. Earlier today my 8yr old grandson started playing with the child size skateboard I bought for my grandchildren to learn with.