Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off the Trail at Yankton Trail

While out scouting for a unique location for a mini photo shoot event I am planning, I decided to wander off the main paved trail at Yankton Trail and found this lovely wooded area.
This path leads away from the paved trail and towards the Big Sioux River. Once you are in the woods the path winds around and even splits a few times creating a bit of a maze.
 Scattered throughout the wooded area there are many fallen trees, some stretch across the well worn path. 
Even if I didn't know that this area floods almost every year I would have guessed it by the abundance of fallen trees and what I found next.
Yes it is a mushroom but this mushroom is not growing out of the ground but the side of a fallen tree. When I kneeled down to take this photo I rested one hand on the tree and discovered that it was very soft. It was so soft in fact, I am sorry to say that my hand left an indentation.

When I first saw this next tree I thought it was a fallen tree as it was almost laying completely parallel with the ground and the river. Then I saw that there was a great deal of green healthy leaves on the thinner branches of the tree. I don't think I have ever seen a tree grow at this angle.
I only walked about a half mile in this lovely area but was pleasantly surprised by it's tranquility and this bit of sunshine in the midst of all the greens and browns.

Not sure if this will be the spot for the mini photo shoot or not, what do you think?
I do, however believe I have found a new thinking spot!

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TexWisGirl said...

it looks like a nice, lush place. :)