Monday, August 8, 2011

Explore Down Town by Trolly

Step back in time and explore the down town area on the Sioux Falls Trolley

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Jack said...

This is charming, Nita. The trolley is a nice feature, the round flower pots are super-stylish, and there seems to be a lot of space for the al fresco dining. In greater Hartford, outdoor dining is usually an afterthought and the restaurants have to squeeze chairs onto a sidewalk that was not designed with outdoor dining in mind.

Thanks for visiting HDP tonight. My first crop was actually rule-of-thirds with the painter on the left side, as you suggest, but he looked unbalanced as if he were getting ready to fall out of the frame. So, I re-cropped to put him on the right side, which got me thinking about the different ways to crop it. You saw the outcome.