Monday, April 7, 2014


While driving from Sioux Falls to Rapid City along I90 on Sunday we came across this beautiful sight!

Obviously I don't know my animals very well as at first I thought it was a herd of young deer. Although, they didn't look exactly like most of the deer I have seen.  I also found it odd that there was no sign of a buck or an older doe. 

So when I got home and brought the image up on my computer and could zoom in to get a closer look, I realized right away that this was no herd of deer. While the body shape was similar, the neck and head had more of a horse shape, and they didn't appear to have tails. So my search began. I soon learned these are young female Pronghorns

Talk about a beautiful animal. Here is a look at an adult male.

And that was Sunday in my city state.
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William Kendall said...

They are beautiful animals. I seem to recall Lewis and Clark were perplexed by them.

StarTraci said...

Wow! Those are really pretty. If it makes you feel any better, I have never heard of pronghorns before this moment. So thanks for the education.