Wednesday, August 13, 2014

People Of . . .

Wordless Wednesday
Opps, I don't think I can remain silent, but feel free to ignore my words. hehe, so here we go.

Most likely you have seen or heard of the People of Walmart website where others post photos of people seen shopping in a Walmart that you really wonder what they were thinking when they dressed themselves that morning. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and you will probably think a little harder about what you ware the next time you head to the store. I know I do. No more, oh I don't feel like getting out of my comfy pajamas pants, I am only going to Walmart real quick.

This isn't People of Walmart
This is 
People of the Sturgis Rally!
Disclaimer: Some images may be offensive.
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle???

While a tad on the desperate side at least she is fashionably coordinated.


And a double why???
 As you see only women made it into this 'people of the Sturgis Rally', and that is because the men showed more sense when getting dressed for the day.
I realized that I was not dressed as a female Rally goer when one man apologized for possibly getting in the way of a shot and indicated he thought I was a magazine photographer. I wish, LOL


William Kendall said...

Oh boy! You wonder what they were thinking! Terrific series, Anita!

Jack said...

Hi, Anita. Thanks for your recent comments. I have been away for a bit and just began looking at other blogs. My timing was terrific, wasn't it? Vavavavoom! I hardly ever see women dressed like this where I live. I have heard about Sturgis and now see that I need to go to the rally some year!